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Pag-aboll: Facets of Mindanao

The API project titled Collaborative Research Project and Workshop on Mindanao Studies for Presentation to an International Conference and Eventual Publication with the theme Pag-abol:Facets of Mindanao. College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) 1st Mindanao Studies Interdisciplinary Research Symposia was held at Davao Eagle Ridge Resort, Upper Ulas, Davao City last December 07-08, 2018.

Pag-aboll: Facets of Mindanao II

The 1st College of Humanties and Social Sciences Mindanao Studies Interdisciplinary Research Conference, with a theme Pag-aboll: Facets of Mindanao, designed to weave the distinctive and exceptional fabric of the diverse histories, perspectives, narrtives, and creations of a dynamic region which is the Mindanao.

KAHIMUNAN: Mindanao Research Colloquim - Book of Abstract

Originating from the Manobo tribe, the term "kahimunan" generally means gathering and is mainly associated with the celebration of a good harvest and Northern Mindanao's craft.

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